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*Notes subscription required to watch sports online.  All times Eastern.  See details below.  Live sports streaming schedule updated daily.

Event Info
Wednesday, August 10th
2:30pUEFA Champions League: Aalborg BK vs. APOEL FC
ESPN: iPhone | iPad | Android | PC
2:30pUEFA Champions League: FC Steaua Bucuresti vs. PFC Ludogorets 1945
ESPN: iPhone | iPad | Android | PC
2:30pUEFA Champions League: R. Standard de Liege vs. Zenit - Spanish broadcast
ESPN: iPhone | iPad | Android | PC
3:00pLittle League World Series: Seoul, South Korea vs. Tokyo, Japan - free in Spanish, English requires cable
ESPN: iPhone | iPad | Android | PC
3:35pMLB: NY Mets vs Oakland A's - free on PC, mobile requires At-Bat premium iPhone | iPad | Android | PC
7:00pMLB: L.A. Angels vs. Boston Red Sox - free in Spanish, English requires cable
ESPN: iPhone | iPad | Android | PC
7:30p*Little League World Series: Las Vegas vs. Philadelphia
ESPN: iPhone | iPad | Android | PC
10:00pMLB: San Diego Padres vs. L.A. Dodgers - free in Spanish, English requires cable
ESPN: iPhone | iPad | Android | PC

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*Notes events that require a cable TV subscription that includes relevant cable channel or an online subscription to watch sports online.  Several event listings are available free without a cable TV subscription, but some may be subject to local blackout.

Every ESPN stream requires you to log in with a username and password.  Free ESPN events require internet service from certain providers, subscription ESPN events require a cable TV package that includes ESPN.

Events televised by NBC are free for everyone without any login, while events televised by NBC Sports Network, The Golf Channel, or other NBC-affiliated cable channels require you to login with your cable TV username and password.  All FOX and FOX Sports events require a cable package.

Not all cable TV providers are supported by ESPN, NBC Sports Network, or other sources.  Get more details on what streaming services various cable providers support, and see the best internet providers for cord cutters.  Many events from ESPN and NBC are available for replay if you catch them late or miss them.

Some events may be free only for alternative camera angles (above-field cam or backboard cam, for example) or alternative broadcast languages, while the main English broadcast will require a subscription and login.  These restrictions will be noted in the event description.

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