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Stream movies with M-GO: new service debuts with 99c rental promotion for a limited time

Stream movies online with a new service called M-GO.  We already did a rundown of all the big movie rental services.  At first glance, M-GO is very similar to Vudu.  You pay per rental or purchase, there is no subscription model.  Pricing is similar to other rental services.  Most new titles were $3.99 for SD and $4.99 for HD.  At its debut, the service is available on PC web browsers, the iPad’s safari browser, Android, Google TV, and Samsung smart TV’s.

stream movies

Stream movies online with M-GO – Pricing and Selection

The selection seems pretty standard.  Lots of new releases were there, and a large catalog of older movies.  Pricing is basically the same as you’ll find on Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, or others.  However, M-GO is running a current promotion where you’ll have a month of unlimited 99¢ SD rentals after you sign up.  HD rentals are $1.99 with the promotion.  If you rent a bunch of new movies this alone makes it worth trying out.

Stream movies online with M-GO - Interface

The PC-based interface is pleasant.  It was easy to control from my couch.  It is somewhat simplified, though.  There aren’t a ton of sorting options, and the recommendations didn’t have anywhere near the level of control that Netflix does.  It is easy to find new releases and popular movies.  One nice touch is they will provide links to other services if they don’t have the movie you’re looking for.

Stream movies online with M-GO - Playback

I rented an SD movie and playback began promptly.  The picture quality looked like that of a DVD on my plasma TV.  I did experience a few long pauses.  After waiting several minutes for the movie to buffer and restart I grew impatient and tried to back it up a few minutes.  Upon doing that, the movie jumped ahead about 5 minutes and I had to find where I was before it stopped.  This happened twice to me.  Perhaps it was an issue with my connection, but I’ve never experienced a movie stream jumping ahead like that on other services before.

Stream movies online with M-GO - Wrapup

M-GO is a nice service with a nice look.  If you’re already happy with iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, etc then I see no reason to switch.  However, you should try it out and get a bunch of 99¢ rentals while you can.

2 thoughts on “Stream movies with M-GO: new service debuts with 99c rental promotion for a limited time”

  1. Do you know if the resolution on M-GO is comparable to that of VUDU? I signed up to try out M-GO and noticed you have 2 options: SD and HD. However, VUDU has three options: SD, HD, and HDX. I have a 60 inch LED and the HDX is like Blu-ray quality. I’m afraid to try M-GO HD and only get 720p. I can’t find anything on their site that specifies what the resolutions are.


    1. I couldn’t find anything either. If I had to guess I’d probably say 720p. Keep in mind that the resolution is just one factor in determining picture quality. The type and amount of compression used is critical. I find VUDU and and iTunes to have the best picture quality, but MGo and other services are definitely ‘watchable.’

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